These children have memories of a past life as a monk

These children have memories of a past life as a monk

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, professor emeritus at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, has studied children who seem to have memories of past lives as Buddhist monks. The memories were found to match historical information about monks who have really lived.

For Dr. Haraldsson was not only the memories interesting. He also looked at the behavior of the children. Some behaved really like a monk, he wrote in a 1999 paper published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

Duminda Bandara Ratnayake

Duminda Bandara Ratnayake was born in 1984 in rural Sri Lanka. When he started telling things when he was three years old over his previous life he lived as a monk in a temple a few kilometers from his current residence, he felt pain in his chest, fell and then died, that he had a red car and that he had an elephant and that he had a radio that he wanted back.

He did not play with other children but become a monk. He lived as a monk and wore his clothes like a monk does. A local monk who was interviewed by Haraldsson said the family of the boy could not have all learned him.

Other monks think that the boy is the deceased monk Ven, Mahanayaka Gunnespana. He had a red car, died of a heart attack in his village lived an elephant. He had no radio, but a gramophone.

Gamage Ruvan Tharanga Perera

Gamage Ruvan Tharanga Perera was born in August 1987 in Sri Lanka. When he was two years old he talked about a former life in a monastery. His parents knew the monastery, but it turned out to be located a few kilometers from their home.

The boy did not want to eat in the evening (monks must stop in the afternoon to eat), did not want to sleep next to his mother (he said that monks do not sleep next to women) and in the evening he did a ritual.

His parents were not interested in his memories and did not want him spoke about it. Haraldsson came on the track when the boy told a neighbor of the family memories with a local journalist.

He did not play with other children, asked Buddha images instead of toys, drew about Buddha’s life at school and wanted to dress like a monk. Some were convinced that he was the reincarnation of the previous abbot of the monastery, Ven. Ganihigama Pannasekhara (1902-1986).

Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.