Canadian former minister: “Dark cabal responsible for problems on Earth”

Dark cabal responsible for problems on Earth

Canada’s former defense minister Paul Theodore Hellyer becomes this summer 92 years. On Saturday, he gave a lecture at the University of Toronto on the mysteries surrounding UFOs. Wrote the Toronto Star.

Hellyer explained the 150 attendees from a secret club – the cabal – holds the international banking system in a grip and that the technology of aliens can be used to put an end to climate change.

“Most of us do not know what is happening,” Hellyer said.

Shortly after World War II a flying saucer crashed in New Mexico, the Americans were “extremely concerned” because they had come to realize that there are other civilizations that are “light years ahead of us, ‘says Hellyer.

Over the past 60 years, the secret Cabal made every effort to keep people in the dark about technologies what the aliens use, he explained.

“Why all the lies and cover-ups?”

Hellyer said every day he receive emails about UFO sightings. From time to time this visitors took control over the operating systems of nuclear missiles, he said.

The aliens know what is happening on earth and they are not happy, he warned.

“They see us as children playing with matches,” said Hellyer. Our planet, according to the former minister have at most a few years to go.

He says to fix the climate change with the aliens we need a widespread monetary.

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