The Bullingdon Club: the secret life of the mighty men who govern Britain

The Bullingdon Club: the secret life of the mighty men who govern Britain

The British Prime Minister David Cameron was under fire recently because of the strange rituals he would have done at the University of Oxford. During his student days he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a notorious and elitist society. At Bullingdon reigns a contempt for the lower classes.

Three of the most powerful men in Britain – the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Mayor of London – were all members of this society, as a large number of ambassadors, directors, bankers and four kings. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is the heir apparent to Prime Minister Cameron.

Because the code of silence the club is until now always been shrouded in mystery. The batch of this year are the sons of some of the richest men in Britain. It is possible that one of them will be prime minister of the country in the coming decades.

Much Longer Than Expected

Members of Bullingdon would see themselves as elite and are proud of their money and connections. The club is already much longer than expected, an influential institute. Among others Minister Lord Halifax, minister Edward Grey, King Frederick VII of Denmark and the father of Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home were members of Bullingdon.

In 50 years, the club provided a prime minister, a finance minister, three foreign ministers and 50 MPs. Even the names of King Edward VIII, the father of Winston Churchill and imperialist Cecil Rhodes. On a photo of the club from 1867 is in the middle you see the Prince of Wales. A photograph from 1867 shows chairman Archibald Primrose, who later became prime minister of Britain, with his arms folded and a grin on his face.

The Bullingdon Club: the secret life of the mighty men who govern BritainBankers Rothschild Family

The connections, the club have with the banking industry are even more striking. The heads of the Rothschild banking family, Jacob and his son Nathaniel, both were members. Jacob Rothschild would be alone, more than seven billion dollars worth.

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The Baring banking family also is linked to the club. The youngest member is Mark Francis Baring, son of former chairman of BP Lord Ashburton.