The Brussels Attacks is a huge scandal and could be prevented

All parties are guilty: This is pure negligence of information, Intentional?

The Brussels Attacks is a huge scandal and could be prevented

The news that the Dutch police received information about the brothers El Bakraoui did not come from the FBI, but the New York police. That informs minister Van der Steur the Dutch House of Representatives.

The NY Police had information on criminal and radical background of the two terrorists and the Netherlands forwarded a day later to the Belgian police. The brothers blew themselves up last week in Zaventem airport and a subway car. In addition, 35 people were killed.

The Director General of the Belgian Federal Police, Claude Fontaine claims the Netherlands has not reported on March 17 to Belgium that the NYPD had provided information on the background of the radical bombers Ibrahim El Bakraoui and his brother Khalid.

Poor Communication

Van der Steur will answer 166 questions through a letter, questions from the House on the attacks in Brussels. Turkey has put one of the brothers, Ibrahim El Bakraoui on a plane to the Netherlands last year. The relevant communication went completely wrong, everything became clear based on the answers given by the Minister.

brussels attacks Ard van der Steur
Dutch minister Ard van der Steur

Notification Only Half an Hour Before Departure

Van der Steur accuses Turkey that the report about the eviction was done half an hour before his departure. But this digital document is opened that day and translated by the Dutch police liaison in Turkey. Belgium has ask the Dutch police if they had more information about the Belgian citizen El Bakraoui —around the same time. The bomber was previously convicted in Belgium for shooting at the police with a Kalashnikov.

Departure El Bakraoui
Letter Turkey Departure El Bakraoui

Unknown How Long El Bakraoui was in the Netherlands

How long Ibrahim el Bakraoui have been in the Netherlands, is according to Van der Steur “unknown.” The bomber was “not registered on July 15, 2015 in systems of Dutch and international investigative and intelligence.” Why the man was deported to the Netherlands, last week became clear, writes Van der Steur. According to the minister, “the Turkish authorities are not competent” to “give the reason for the return in the case of non-Dutch residents.”

Terrorist El Bakraoui
Terrorist Khalid El Bakraoui

In 2015 Turkey has deported a total of 39 people to the Netherlands, 33 of them were “related to terrorism and radicalization.” Van der Steur Minister unmentioned how many of them have actually been arrested and put through the Netherlands. In five other cases were non-Dutch and one other was deported because of an expired visa.

Not the FBI But the NYPD

“The Dutch liaison at the embassy in Washington received the message from another great American investigative authority, namely the Intelligence Division of the New York Police Department (NYPD)”

nypd - brussels attacks

As an explanation, the Minister writes that the Dutch liaison “this information as usual without specifying the origin [has] sent to the National Police. It is then assumed in the Netherlands that the information would come from the FBI. “What does it matter that the Minister was wrong about the sender and the content of the message is correct? “It is at least extremely painful again”, says political reporter Jeroen Stans.

The story is clear. I criticize Turkey for sending Jihadists to the Netherlands. Turkey has deported a total of 33 people with a terrorist and radical background. Than i am wondering, the terrorists were Belgium guys. Why did the NYPD contact the Netherlands? Because they were from Belgium the NYPD had to inform Belgium and isn’t it a coincidence Donald Trump’s close the borders campaign and Brussels Attacks? —rhetorical question.

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