Extraordinary Blue Spheres Captured on NASA’s Ahead HI1

Blue Spheres Captured on NASA's Ahead HI1

A number of satellites that keeps an eye on the sun, have recorded extraordinary abnormal spheres on November 17. This is about the unidentified flying object ‘Blue Spheres’, according to UFO conspiracy theorist Pamela Johnson from Mexico.

The images can be found on the official website Stereo Science Center “Ahead HI1” telescope. According to some theorists this enough evidence to claim that this is about the infamous UFO while others are skeptical. Some are convinced that this is a holographic stunt called Project Blue Beam.

“This huge object is captured on NASA’S SECCHI STEREO HI1 satellite today (Nov 17). Our Sun is casting the Light that’s coming in from the left side of the frame. This satellite’s archives Showed the Sun Began Reacting to this object on November 15th and there are several at frames missing on the 15th and 16th.

Wow! Front and Center. I have added an image from November 11th showing only solar wind and passing planets so you can see what a normal view looks like. One of the lastest Gaia Portal posts comes to mind, “Astro-glances compel the masses to action.” I have just Consulted my Divine Rods and They indicate this is one of the Blue Spheres and not to fear, ” says Pamela Johnson on Facebook.

NASA finds this is not so special. Sometimes it happens that the image processor is overloaded, which results in “corrupted images.” Such images are created from “a large number of exposures” being added together, the space agency Explains. In this instance, the image is actually just the sun, Although overly exposed, and not “project blue beam.”