10 Basketball Players Who Have Joined the Illuminati


Welcome to the Top 10 Basketball Players who have joined the Illuminati. In this article i am going to reveal Illuminati Basketball Players and the logic explanation why the professional basketball players are using these Satanic symbols.

Are you not familiar with the Illuminati than i recommend you to read the article What Is The Illuminati for beginners, followed up by an advanced article about Illuminatus with over 24 hours of video material otherwise continue reading top 10 Basketball Players Who Have Joined the Illuminati.

Underneath a top 10 list with the latest recent Basketball Players who have joined the Illuminati:

1. Chris Paul
Illuminati Basketball Player Chris Paul
2. DeShawn Stevenson
Illuminati Basketball Player DeShawn Stevenson
3. Jason Kidd
Illuminati Basketball Player Jason Kidd
4. Jeremy Lin
Illuminati Basketball Player Jeremy Lin
5. John Wall
Illuminati Basketball Player John Wall
6. Kevin Durant
Illuminati Basketball Player Kevin Durant
7. Kobe Bryant
Illuminati Basketball Player Kobe Bryant
8. Lebron James
Illuminati Basketball Player LeBron James
9. Nolan Smith
Illuminati Basketball Player Nolan Smith
10. Stephen Jackson
Illuminati Basketball Player Stephen JacksonWhy do basketball players make Illuminati symbols (Satanic)?

To help you understand why they do this or why basketball players are owned by the Illuminati i will flip the coin with the question how does the Illuminati see us?

Religious point of view the Illuminati only cares about Lucifer’s bloodline. Everybody else will be used as a puppet to have a wider range of audience and mainly as assets, in exchange the Illuminati fulfill their desires.

They don’t care in which brand you belong. It can be Entertainment, Political, Religious figures or Sports. They will try to seduce you if the Illuminati see you as an asset.

What benefits does the Illuminati receives?

Basketball NBA Ratings reach millions views, to give you an example the NBA finals on ABC(owned by the Illuminati) reached 22.4 million views. Just imagine how much influence you can have with so much eyeballs having your attention?

This is not a theory, because Charlotte Iserbyt(who served as the head of Education during the first administration during Ronald Reagan) tried to warn Ronald Reagan. But they blocked her writings. It also happened in Japan. I am talking about Dennō Senshi Porygon/ Pokemon Shokku. 685 viewers were taken to hospitals, two people remained hospitalized for more than two weeks due certain repetitive visual effects. Underneath a New York Times article about the brainwashing flashing Pokemon Shokku “TV Cartoon’s Flashes Send 700 Japanese Into Seizures“.

Paris Attack, The Illuminati, Family Rothschild and Charlie Hebdo

Pokemon Hospital Denno Senshi PorygonGuess what? Pokemon is a brainwash machine owned by the Illuminati. Clever, you reach millions eyeballs of children on a daily basis! Watch the video down below, to listen to the Satanic backmasked message.


This is the end of 10 Basketball Players Who Have Joined the Illuminati, share your thoughts in the comment section down below this article.

  • bamminer

    One of the symbols needs a little clarity. I don’t feel like a 3-pt shooter making a 3-pter using the ok symbol should be villified solely on that, because it’s the culture. It’s awkward to hold 3 fingers up using only the 3 middle fingers. Now, most other satanic symbols, such as the pyramid, ok symbol over the eye(s), devil horns, etc. have no reason being seen in a basketball game! I’m immediately suspicious of those latter ones. Still, those players–for which use it for 3-pt FG–should be warned about what this tradition is all about(satanism); therefore, maybe they would go in a different direction when celebrating 3-pters. How many people have used the ok symbol or peace symbol in the past, because they did not know the hidden messages behind them? However, if the peace sign is used today, it would cast more suspicion than it once did: mainly because it is hardly used colloquially anymore. I’m saying that the 3-pt gesture is not enough evidence in itself, because it is the standard way to celebrate a made 3-pter! The other symbols, though, seem to be a flag for satanism, because they are done apparently without reason, forcing you to almost conclude the worst. It’s about approaching this or that with when talking about others with an understanding heart. Reply is from a person that is a born again Christian who no longer watches the NBA games.