Audi Moon Rover ‘Audi lunar quattro’ Will Go To the Moon in 2018

audi moon rover audi lunar quattro will go moon 2018

Good news for NASA skeptics. PTScientist, an international assembled team, will go to the moon next year in cooperation with the car brand Audi, says electronics development and integration Karsten Becker of PTScientists.

In 2009, a group PTScientist came up with the plan to send a rover to the moon. This rover is from the car brand Audi, it’s called the “Audi lunar quattro,” an ultra-modern four-wheeled drive electrical vehicle, solar panels that can move, rechargeable batteries and science grade HD cameras. The rover will deploy and operate technological payloads to demonstrate and explore new shortcut to space exploration.

The final destination of the lander and rovers: the landing site of Apollo 17. “We land at about five kilometers from the landing site of Apollo 17,” according to Becker.

We have discussed extensively with NASA about that initiator of the Apollo missions. “The landing place is a cultural legacy.” And so there are strict rules.

“We can not land within a radius of 2 kilometers of the Apollo landing and we are allowed to approach the landing place up to 200 meters,” Becker explains.

“Once we land on the moon, we check if everything is working properly. Then we head for the moon buggy from the Apollo 17 mission. We want to see the conditions of the buggy after 45 years. Is this pulverized by micro-meteorites or affected by radiation? How much dust covers the buggy? That is scientifically very interesting “Not only for NASA -.who owns the moon buggy – but also for other space agencies such as ESA. The European space agency dreams about a base on the moon. “But then you have to know what the effects are on the material through time.”


The mission to the moon will take a little more than ten days, expects Becker. “Then night falls and temperatures drop to around -180 degrees Celsius. And then it gets interesting. We expect that the rover then dies, but we hope not. ”

NASA's secret code for UFOs is SANTA CLAUS during moon landings

The plans require no doubt much of the team. But it’s all worth it, says Becker.  Because the time is ripe for private missions to the moon.

For years exploring of space was the domain of world powers. But that has to change. “The area must be accessible. If you’re a small country and want to go to the moon, you have to cooperate with other countries. But those other countries have their own political agenda. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible if a university in Morocco wants to do a research on the moon. Private space agencies have no political agenda. It does not matter to us which experiments goes to the moon, as long as they are significant. ”


While the team eagerly looking forward to the launch in 2018, they are already dreaming of the next mission. And that will lead to the moon again. “There are plans for a mission in 2020. Then we will go to the South Pole. It is difficult to land there, but it is a very interesting area because it is suitable for the construction of a settlement.


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