Anunnaki: Info on Aliens, History, Gods and Technology

Anunnaki: Info on Aliens, History, Gods and Technology

If you’re not familiar with the Anunnaki, here is a brief look at the story of the Annunaki, who with their invasion on Earth about 400,000 years ago, and their putative starting around 550 BC., Especially Professor Zecharia Sitchin and many others have turned to the hidden history of the “creation of mankind public. Angel Ortiz made a request on Google+ to do an article about the Anunnaki.

It would have been the Annunaki, who had laid the basis for their culture, had built their cities and had initiated the Sumerians in the secrets of heaven. “The name Annunaki literally means “. Those who came from heaven to Earth” Their first settlement was Eridu (far built house) and their leader was initially called Ea and then Enki.

It seems likely that the name “Eridu” the Earth has made its name (German ‘Erde’ Aramaic ‘Ereds “Hebrew” Eretz “. The Erythraean Sea (name of the Persian Gulf in the ancient times) is named after Eridu. Enki called the land-Ed (home of the righteous), so it was the Garden of Eden, the abode of the Gods garden of Eden“.

The first group consisted of 50 Anunnaki ‘persons’, the second of 600. Planned They colonized the country, with the “bird city” Sippar served as Their space center. BAD-TIBIRA (dark place) was the industrial center where the ores were processed and LA.RA.AK was the landmark for the spaceships SCH.RUPPAK and became their center or medical care. Enlil was appointed Permanent Mission Commander Earth. He founded the control NIBRU.KI (later Nippur).  Ziggurat wore on top a DIR.GA (dark hot room), where the star charts were kept. To Fulfill the toil  the Anunnaki created ‘Lulu’, the predecessor of the prehistoric man as test tube baby.

According to the Sumerian texts were the Annunaki (Niburianen) from Nibiru (the planet That shines in the sky and taking the middle position). Mentioned this planet is between Mars and Jupiter. Another name  that was given:  ‘Tiamat’.

All over the world the same texts

In the myths and legends of the peoples of the earth are numerous indications given for the non-terrestrial origin of man. According to the ancient Sanskrit written the book ‘Dzyan’ the Earth asked the “Lord of the beaming countenance’ for sons to populate the Earth. According to this book was the first generation of people “Sons of Yoga ‘, the second race of the sexual discharge and third, people with bones. The latter mingled with the sons of the night (of the universe) and brought forth as the fourth race.

The creation of the new man is successful, proud of the first laboratory-copy handed to the great “inventor”

According to the Bible, people began to multiply on earth and mingled with the sons of the gods (Elohim fees). From this, the Nephilim were born, translated by Martin Luther with ‘giants’, the men of renown (s (j) em). However, the Semitic word s (j) em has two meanings. As the SJU-mu ‘may’ that which one keeps in mind, a memorial stone or stele, but “what is a mu ‘, where mu may indicate a flying machine of the gods.

The ‘mu’ is a precursor of the obelisk and the Victory Column. If ‘mu’ is translated with rocket over the next Sumerian hymn is clear: “Orgasm of heaven (ie, Ishtar / Inanna) She pulls the celestial robe, boldly rises skyward; all populated countries it flies in her MU.

Hairy, ye rejoice in your MU works up to the heavenly heights, above all the resting places she flies in her MU exhibit. “The Sumerian cylinder seals glide across the sky, rocket-shaped objects. Were perhaps the Nephilim, the people with the rockets, prehistoric visitors from space?

John Gress
It’s John Gress, which -as well Zecheria Setchin- obsessed about the Annunaki. The film he is making came prematurely to a stop!

People used missiles can not come from the depths of the universe to Earth. It was therefore no great technical civilization, but an extraterrestrial came from the solar system.

The word Nephilim is derived from the Semitic NFL (be thrown down), thus indicating “that are thrown on the earth.

Apparently the Nephilim and the Annunaki were identical. As the Book (the) Dzyan shows the Earth was the descent of the “sons of wisdom; destroyed by a cosmic disaster. From different evolutionary branches began to develop hominid life.

According to the occult Jewish tradition, Kabbalah, there were two Adams – the “Heavenly Adam,” who descended to the earth and the earthly Adam, “the human animal, which has developed on Earth. In the Epic of Gilgamesh is such an animal person (perhaps a Neanderthal?) Is described.

He is called ‘Enkidu’ ‘who was born in the steppe’ ‘Close hair is his whole body, equipped with head hair like a woman, he knows the family or home; feeds, with the gazelles, with grass; with the wild animals he struggles to waterholes; in the swarming creatures in the water his heart rejoices. “According to the Sumerians man was created as slaves of the gods. Among the gods of the Annunaki came in opposition because the effort was too big and too heavy work.
The Bible calls the leader of the “Fallen Angels” Lucifer. Enlil wants him to execute, but Anu and his son Enki had a better plan: a “Lulu” has to be created, a “lower primitive” man. The proposal is welcomed by the Anunnaki: “They cried to the goddess, the midwife of the gods, they asked how Mammi ‘Thou, goddess of birth, workers shovel! Create a simple worker, who has to bear the yoke! Let the worker carry the yoke of the gods! “Mammi created man from clay from TI.IT. respectively

Alien spacecraft on a 55 years old NASA photo

This African gold mines were in southern Zimbabwe (Monotopa), which according to ancient Zulu legends – ‘slaves worked that were created by the first artificial People of flesh and blood.

These slaves fought against the ape-men when the star appeared in the sky. “Most scholars agree that a man indeed ‘above Abzu” originated in Tanzania and Kenya. Neanderthals appeared only after the advent of the Homosapiens and therefore neither forerunner of the “Cro-Magnon man,” nor of the Homosapiens, modern man.

According to the Epic of Gilgamesh must have been Homosapiens and Neanderthals ever contemporaries.

If the egg of a primate females with the sperm and the genes of an Anunnaki god fertilized and then implanted in a Annunaki-wife and her full-term, would explain the myth of the two Adams are the earthly Adam “was product of that commitment – like the mythical Gilgamesh – “two-thirds god and one third man. However, the “heavenly Adam” his father Enki. An astronaut from Nibiru, the planet we call Phaeton.

The Anunnaki were here

The Anunnaki have been 200,000 years mining on earth. To ensure that they have sufficient miners, the Anunnaki created a new breed by the DNA of the then existing Homoerectus suit says Klarfeld in his book: The Anunnaki were here!

Klarfeld says that the old staircase pyramids that are found throughout the world, are some kind of washboard to separate the gold from soil material. American filmmaker Kevin Flint is currently working with Klarfeld on a film about the Anunnaki.

Annunaki Were Here by Lions Ground

Michael Tellinger: the Anunnaki and hidden technology (Full Lecture)

The South African writer and researcher Michael Tellinger spoke during the Breakthrough Energy Conference in Hilversum (Holland) about the Anunnaki and hidden technology.

He explains the relationship between lost civilizations in southern Africa and the knowledge of the natural laws that they have left behind.

Tellinger also elaborates on his Ubuntu movement and the legal action he had taken against the banks in South Africa.


Tellinger is an authority in the area of ​​the origin of man and the lost civilizations of southern Africa. According to researchers created the first civilization on Earth roughly 6,000 years ago in a country that was called Sumer.

A team of archaeologists has demonstrated new archaeological and scientific discoveries that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited their knowledge of an even older civilization that lived more than 200,000 years ago at the southern tip of Africa and there committing mining.

Tellinger argues we can learn a lot about these early people how to live in peace, harmony, unity and abundance for all.

Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement by Lions Ground

One of Marduk’s 50 names was “Nibiru” or “Nebiru,” in which Robert Temple in The Sirius Mystery sees the Egyptian term “Neb-Heru,” meaning “Lord of the sun.” The god Horus or “Heru” is indeed largely a sun god, depicted as a hawk with wings outstretched and the solar orb on his head.

Planet X Nasa don't want you to knowRather than representing the “12th planet,” the description of Nibiru in the Enuma Elish does indeed seem to depict the personification of the sun and its “exploits.” “Nebo” was the Babylonian version of “Moses,” actually a solar hero, and Nibiru, in fact, is represented by a winged disc, a common motif depicting the sun. According to the consensus of astronomers worldwide, both amateur and professional, there is no evidence for the 12th planet/Nibiru as Sitchin presents it. (In other words, “Planet X” is not a known, astronomical reality.)

Not long ago i published a news article Why Nasa is hiding Planet X from us. Proof that the government knows more!