Anonymous attacks the Bilderberg Group #OpIcarus Phase3 #ProjectMayhem Engaged

Anonymous attacks the Bilderberg Group #OpIcarus Phase3 #ProjectMayhem Engaged

Anonymous has been attacking the Bilderberg Group since June 9, A strong message has been made: We are angry. You should keep expecting us. Since May 2016, Lions Ground works closely with Anonymous hacktivists to spread the truth by giving them a voice. While the Mainstream media doesn’t want to make their hands dirty, most alternative news publishers are adopting gossips and disinfo, informing the world with information that originates from unreliable sources.

On June 3, Lions Ground released an exclusive interview with one of the creators of #OPICarus on Youtube. An interview that payed attention to operation Disinfo, the recent attacks on Central Banks, Rothschild and why did they hit Mark Dice?

Cyber Attack

The attack on the Bilderberg Group took place June 9,  the Bilderberg site was offline for almost 8 hours. Its been down again for close to 2 hours. “Attacks will continue,” said the Anonymous Hacktivist.

An Anonymous hacktivist shared a target list of #OPDisinfo on Pastebin. The claim on Social networks that the Bilderberg group has been under #OPDisinfo is false. The Bilderberg Group falls under #OPIcarus #ProjectMayhem.

Anonymous bilderberg group opicarus
Server status of the Bilderberg Group official website.

Behind Closed Doors

“Bilderberg are all what is wrong with this world. Decisions like national security, third world war, internet rights are not decisions that should be made behind closed doors by a wealthy few who no longer represent the best interest of the masses,” says one of the Hacktivists. The hacktivist continued: “These kind of decisions need to be made in complete transparency for the world to view. Making life threatening decisions behind closed doors while being sponsored by big banks, arms manufacturers, big pharma companies, internet surveillance companies etc should be illegal, If the elite want to have their own Gentleman’s club that’s up to them, but they should avoid making any kind of decisions there which effect us all.”


OpIcarus is freedom. OpIcarus is what happens when you don’t allow people to be free. Sooner or later people will make their own wings and fly. On June 6 Lions Ground announced #OPIcarus phase 3, #ProjectMayhem 2016:


What would you like to say to the Bilderberg Group? “The world needs more truth. Stop hiding behind secrets. Be transparent, stop acting in the shadows or we will be watching you. Feed the poor. Stop the wars. we are the voice of the voiceless. The echoes of the society. And we are angry. You should keep expecting us. #OpIcarus Phase3 Engaged #ProjectMayhem #Anonymous”