Ancient stone carvings confirm how meteor hit Earth 13,000BC, how modern humans emerged

ancient stone carvings confirm meteor hit earth 13000bc modern humans emerged

Ancient inscriptions on pillars of world’s oldest temple complex at Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey confirm that a comet has been slammed Earth 11,000 years before Christ.

The experts believe that the comet is responsible for the extermination of mammoth and the beginning of modern civilization, the human.

The mysterious symbols on the pillars have been carefully studied by experts and concluded that they are linked to constellations.


The inscriptions tell a story that the Earth was struck by a swarm comet fragments around the beginning of the Ice Age.

For a long time, it is speculated that a comet impact is responsible for the last cold period known as Younger Dryas.

There are animals on the pillars, which were investigated by the experts, indicating that they were symbolic of constellations and comet, according to the experts.

Magicians of the Gods

ancient stone carvingsGraham Hancock, the author of the book of Magicians of the Gods, came with this theory.

With computer software, experts were able to find the constellations thousands of years ago above Turkey.

It was established that the comet crashed on planet Earth on 10,950 BC. The beginning period of the Young Dryas.

The crucial period, the Young Dryas, is associated with the rise of agriculture and the rise of the first Neolithic civilizations.

The experts who studied this claim that the people of Göbekli Tepe attached great importance to the inscriptions, for thousands of years, indicating that the event had a major impact.

This study points to one thing, namely the impact of a meteor, claims chief investigator Martin Sweatman.

“One of its pillars seems to have served as a memorial to this devastating event – probably the worst day in history since the end of the ice age,” he said.

Earth rotation

Göbekli Tepe is many thousands of years older than Stonehenge and is therefore considered the oldest temple complex in the world.

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The rotation axis of the earth was then maintained, as shown by the symbols found on the pillars.

The amazing research has been published in Mediterranean Archeology and Archaeometry.