Meet the Aliens from Proxima B

Aliens from Proxima B

Last week, scientists announced the discovery of Proxima b, an exoplanet which runs on four light years distance from Earth around Proxima Centauri. Almost immediately there was discussion about whether there is life possible, this reports techblog CNET.

Decades ago, it was claimed that aliens from a planet in the Proxima Centauri system had visited the Earth. These aliens, called Cenos would be 2.6 meters long and five times stronger than humans. They visited several ancient civilizations on earth, and were last seen in Taiwan.

Since 1957 psychologists from California had for seven years contact with a friendly alien from the vicinity of Alpha Centauri. The creature was “loving and childlike and had a huge dome-shaped body with eight hands,” writes Susy Smith in ESP and Hypnosis .


The creature, for that reason, was called ‘Hands’, was all those years ago, not physically present, but communicated through a young woman under hypnosis. In 1976, researchers Lee Gladden and Peggy Williams published a book about their research and many conversations with Hands.

Hands revealed that he was in contact with a handful of other intelligent species, including humans, dolphins and Cenos of a planet around Proxima Centauri. According to physicist Dr. Barry Hot Kessel the alien was a few years ago spotted in Taiwan, possible Cenos .

No Differences

He has developed a theory called Astro Metrics, about telepathic beings traveling through space. “Was an alien from the Alpha Centauri system all those years back involved in the hypnosis sessions?” CNET asks. We now know that there is a potentially habitable planet near Proxima Centauri, where Cenos originate originate from, according Hands.

Hands told the American psychologists that Cenos wear gray suits and helmets, and that women can get up to 20 children. They have no illnesses and can reach an age of 120 years old. They visited the earth in the Second World War and helped in the construction of the Sphinx, the Mayan pyramids and other structures.

According to Dr. Warm Kessel knowledge stored in their “personal memory modules” which are available for everyone. Thus, they act as ‘supergroup’, decisions are taken by a group consciousness, and there are no disagreements, says the physicist.

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You decide if the footage with the alien is legit.