Alien Implants Found in Humans

Alien Implants

Dr. Leir, an American doctor, claimed to have removed dozens of meteorite implants and have an extraterrestrial origin. Let me tell you that it’s not very difficult to determine whether something is from outside this earth by looking at the isotopes.

I’ve recently (May 26th, 2015) made a major discovery, that the Alien implants are RFID implants.

This is important because the ratios of isotopes are almost as unique as our fingerprints. Certain concentrations of elements on Earth are unique. Meteorites for example, have different relationships because they do not originate from Earth.

Frank Kimbler an teacher of the Military Institute in New Mexico, he has found in July 2011 the first scientific evidence of material that is not manufactured on Earth.

The material has been found at the site in Roswell where the flying saucer landed in 1947. It has been tested by a scientific institute. A real scientific laboratory has examined the isotopes and the ratio of magnesium isotopes in the analyzed samples and they are unknown on Earth!

That means there are two possibilities: Either the lab made a mistake, or the material is not from Earth. Kimbler has already made agreements with other laboratories in order to confirm the results.

Leir’s conclusion

Dr. Roger Leir

They are surrounded by a sheath of keratin (skin / nail material), hemosiderin (an oxygen-carrying blood pigment-like material) and the protein coagulum (blood clot). These are all natural body-forming substances, but they are found together in any natural condition.

The shell is permeated with clusters of nerves. These are closely linked to the local nerve bundles in the part of the body where the object was located. This largely explains the pain responses of the patients (who were anesthetized under hypnosis and local) when the Alien Implants were touched by the instruments of the surgeon. Unfortunately Leir mentions no further details of the nervous tissue, which was found in the sheath. So we do not have to read the exact nature or function of only the book, but the fact that there appears to be a connection between the object and the nervous system of the kidnapped is very important.

The conclusion about the absence of an inflammatory reaction that surround the object. The healing / body’s immune system seems to allow the presence of the object without the usual swelling and irritation that would normally occur when a foreign object such as a splinter or glass shard, although Leir and other researchers.

Some UFO alkalis and UFO experts have previously assumed that Alien Implants would be natural objects that have fallen into the body through minor injuries etc. These have probably taken place during childhood which these people might have forgotten. During the life of the kidnapped, they would probably be moved. Dr. Leir However examined these possibilities and argues convincingly that this is not the case. It also brings the objects in connection with the UFO encounters of the patients, and with other physical / psychological characteristics.

Alien Implants and Psychic Ability

alien implants

Frances Yve Lorgen’s work he finds the assumption that these alleged Alien Implants are related to the psychic abilities of the kidnapped. In at least one case being handled by Leir, took the paranormal abilities immediately after the removal operation significantly – and they came back slowly over a period of months. This would indicate a relationship between the connection to the nervous and psychic effects?

Microfine structure: the Penrose / Hameroff model

It would be very interesting to know the inner structure of both the sheath with nerve endings are anchored to the implant. What connection is there between the core of the object and the organic shell? Feel the nerve endings to things or bring them information from the object and toward the object? Could it be that there is a form of electronic (molecular / quantum computing) or other function within this structure occurs? All these questions are pure speculation, but it is interesting to them as researchers begin to examine the inside of these objects.

An interesting insight that the investigation may be able to guide, is provided by the microbiology of nerve cells and the possible quantum processes that take place inside. This topic is described in detail by Dr. Stuart Hammeroff and Professor Roger Penrose, who co-wrote several papers on the subject. It Penrose and Hammeroff deliver compelling arguments for the quantum nature of consciousness. At the core of this phenomenon are structures within the nervous system, known as microtubules, which permeate every living cell and form the mechanical diagram i.e. cytoskeleton. A microtubule is composed of complex protein building blocks, called tubulins. It is these latter which the quantum properties manifest themselves.

The tubulin is a protein structure that has the unique property to be located in one of two states or configurations, depending on the quantum state of a particular electron inside the core. As a result of this dependence, the tubulin molecule can exhibit quantum behavior, in which it is located either in an electron configuration (+), the opposite configuration (-), or an indefinite period of superposition of the two. In addition, each tubulin is influenced by the state of its surrounding tubulins and the electronic state of other areas within the neuron and the surrounding body tissue. Furthermore, because it is a quantum phenomenon, influenced by the widespread zero field that interacts with non-local quantum events – potentially through the entire universe.

Tubulins are interconnected with each other to form a microtubule; in much the same way how bricks fit together to form a wall – in which they lock each other mutually to form a microscopic skeleton of every cell of the body and of any living cell on the earth. In addition, microtubules of a cell within the nervous system connect with those of other cells through a synapse which bridges two “holes” – which occurs regularly in our central nervous system. Thus, according to Penrose and Hammeroff a very solid but coherent quantum medium itself manifest by the human nervous system, where it provides the substrate for consciousness.

The holographic model

In his book “The Holographic Universe” Michael Talbot describes theories in which the brains store information in a holographic way, spread on a non-local way by the brain tissue. This was first noticed by Karl Pribram, that the classification of functional regions in the brains pionieerde. In this model, information in the brain almost as encoded as a hologram that is put on film. Knowledge is stored in a distributed manner, throughout the medium – with no particular location is only responsible for a particular item. To retrieve information takes place when a decoded input, equal to the signal that the information has been encoded, is applied to the medium. When this happens, which then also be presented on the outside within the medium, the information that was originally encoded again. In a hologram, the storage / encoding and the collection / decoding signal a laser beam, which is the pattern!
capture on film. In the brain the storage and retrieval signals patterns of nerve impulses.

The Holographic Universe

There are many effects of the holo-informational model that is described by Talbot and Pribram. But for us the most important is the possibility that information in memory for a device that serves as an interface to the quantum field, is accessible. This device can occur anywhere in your body as long as it has a close link with the nerves of the kidnapped. This access could provide a direct connection to the holographic memory of the kidnapped, which may decode the quantum hologram of the consciousness of the kidnapped.

Implant structure / function

the Quantum Hologram

A test of this hypothesis would be to analyze carefully the sheath that surrounds the alleged graft. Contains the nerve-tubulin material? If so, how this material is connected with the core of the implant? Moreover, what is the structure of the implant itself? Contains the object itself a structure that could bring about a certain form of quantum computing? (See David Deutch, “” The Fabric of Reality, “” for a description of quantum computing). If so, what can we reduce the function of these objects? Would an analysis of these structures may provide a clue as to their function?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell speculates in his publication “” Nature’s Mind, the Quantum Hologram “” about some of the possible relationships between quantum memory / consciousness and human perception – including psychic abilities. Without going into details, we may wonder whether the alleged presence of Alien Implants in some way enhance the para-psychological abilities; perhaps by being connected with the nervous system at the quantum level of the abducted. We can speculate whether such a device may be a monitor, a receiver or a form of awareness raising – acting as a link between the human brain and the phenomenon.

Conclusion on Alien Implants

There is not much imagination to see how research in this area may lead to immediate breakthroughs in physics, consciousness studies and other research fields; too many to mention. In addition, knowledge of the nature and function of the Alien Implants would make an enormous clarification in the underlying truth behind the UFO, the close encounter phenomenon and its interaction with humanity.

Watch the video below with a comprehensive last interview with Dr. Leir before his death with controversial images. Conclusion? Aliens do exist:

Alien Implants Found in Humans – Dr. Roger Leir Documentary by Lions Ground

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