Alien City On Moon Seen In NASA Photo, UFO Researchers Say ???


Humongous alien city or moon bases discovered on the moon in a NASA photo claim self entitled UFO researchers. Is this extraterrestrial or just a glitch? Here are the coordinates 28°10’30.12″N 22°42’5.99″W

Inquisitr, one of the famous hoax promoter out there, thousands daily visits by lazybrains who only can take entertaining content. No matter true or false. You know, those people you can say the sky is purple they actually believe the sky is purple.

Alien City On Moon Seen In NASA Photo, UFO Researchers Say ???

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BTW You know why i say they are a hoax promoter? Because they love to publish articles about videos from LookNowTV, SecureTeam10 and Scott Waring i recently stop believing.

Let me get straight to the point. The YouTuber Sandra Elena Andrade uploaded a video with the title CONFIRMED. BASES ON THE MOON. Officially discovered by ufologists and research Marcelo Irazusta. If you fill out the coordinates in the search bar of Google Earth(Moon Mode) you see this.

Let me tell You what bothers me a lot. First they say NASA has never visit the moon, the theorists claims the NASA photos are fake. Now they see money, they talk like professional salesmen about a glitch on a photo for 5-10minutes, write pages and pages based on fantasy.

Let me quote: “These alien structures are just freaking amazing! Look at the detail of this pyramid ” —What detail? what pyramid? Are you out of your mind?

Here’s the best part: “I took the above screenshots on Google Moon. How much is NASA lying about? It’s all been a lie. This my friends is the real deal here.”

Sorry for my language but here we go, he pushed the button:

F*ck, for real Scott? You are the real deal modern art master piece lying piece of sh*t do you know that. You believe in your own lies man, this is what i call Borderline personality disorder.

We all know NASA is not entirely truthful. But what these clowns do is exploiting a lie with a lie. By these people, professional ufologists are no longer taken seriously. By these hyenas ufologists are an endangered species.

I am not supporting this lying freak show. I’m out of here!

I want to read your thoughts in the comment section ( i don’t mind if you don’t want to, i can understand). Here are the coordinates again: 28°10’30.12″N 22°42’5.99″W. If you are new here, click here to subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Lions Ground. I appreciate a lot if you share this article to spread the truth.

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