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Alien Baby Born In India Footage Surfaced

Alien Baby Born In India Footage Surfaced

New footage of an alien baby somewhere in India. This is about an alien newborn baby, the umbilical cord has been cut recently. But is this really about an extraterrestrial baby?

When we hear the word aliens, we immediately think of ugly gray small dwarfs with stick fingers or reptilian people. We also say, alien culture or a person from an alien country. But also being from another world, depending on how you use the word alien.

There are kind of similar videos surfaced on YouTube, with the wrong attention by labeling a deformed child as an extraterrestrial alien. Actually, this is discrimination. Striking enough, Youtube is doing nothing against it, while it mentioned in the community guidelines that racism is prohibit.

Alien Baby Born In India

Sidhika L. reached out to Lions Ground on November 28, 2015 “I would like to share with you a video of an alien new born that was being circulated in whatsapp. This video has left many of our locals speechless as they have not seen any case like this one. I’ve searched through Youtube to find similar cases and found one titled reptilian newborn. I dont know who made the video but the video looks original.” This is not about an extraterrestrial Alien baby…

Harlequin Ichthyosis

The reptilian newborn alien baby you are referring to Sidhika, is about a baby with Harlequin ichthyosis. Harlequin ichthyosis is the most extreme and frequently lethal type of congenital ichthyosis. There is extreme thickening of the keratin layer of the skin. The affected fetus is covered in the thick plates of cornified skin split up by deep cracks or fissures. The tight skin will cause facial deformities, microcephaly and also contractures of the extremities. The affected neonates are at danger of respiratory distress due to restricted breathing, sepsis, dehydration, temperature instability, feeding difficulties which often can result in the fatal consequences.

Is This Mysterious Planet Near The Sun Nibiru?

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All the videos out there, labeling a baby as an extraterrestrial alien baby are officially debunked. For real alien related news articles, click here.

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