CIA’s Secret Para-Experiment Disclose Accurate Psychic Readings of Uri Geller

Why is an espionage organization extremely interested in people with paranormal abilities?

Accurate Psychic Readings

Uri Geller gave very accurate psychic readings according to a disclosed CIA document on experiments on his paranormal perception, this document is available online.

Uri Geller gave accurate psychic readings according to a disclosed CIA document which reveals experiments the CIA conducted on Uri’s paranormal perception, according to the document, Uri Geller is a real psychic. The experiments were carried out at RSI.

The real reason behind this research is to understand the physical and psychological aspects of this paranormal ability.

Accurate Psychic Readings

In those eight days, Uri Geller had undergone a picture drawing experiment. The psychic remains in a double-walled electronic isolated shielded room, someone outside selects a random drawing, or by the isolation provided by having the target drawn on the East Coast.

Uri Geller entered the isolated room. The double doors were closed and locked. He can not be influenced by outside vision or sounds. The drawing, used in the experiment, was randomly selected from a large college dictionary.

“The first word obtained in this manner was ‘fuse’ and the object drawn was a firecracker,” according to the document. They drew the first selected word, a firecracker, claims the CIA.

accurate psychic readings - firecrackerThey informed Uri Geller through an intercom that the word in the dictionary is drawn. Geller, who is locked inside an isolated room, told immediately what he saw “a cylinder with noise coming out of it”.

Long Distance Telepathy Experiment

They also carried out a long distance telepathy experiment. A scientist from the East Coast got called and was asked to draw a simple drawing.

The scientist drew a cross-sectional view of the brain, this was express an impossible task for Geller, but the spoon bender began the words medical, organic, and architecture. He made two drawings, one was complex and indescribable. The second drawing had characteristics of an anatomical cross-section.