3000 mile wide disc caught by ISS hoax is still alive

3000 mile wide disc caught by ISS hoax is still alive

3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught by ISS Hoax is still adopted today as a serious UFO proof. While this is widely known to be a snapshot of a presentation during the Brasilia Planetarium in 2013.

Helen Cassan Dra of Zonnews apparently shares different opinion about it and decided to publish on May 7 a clickbait article –with less than 300 words– to generate advertisement money.

In this article we share the sensational conspiracy story and the facts.

The story

On May 7, a Facebook user shared in a group dedicated to UFOs the article from Zonnews. The ISS would have photographed a UFO with a diameter of several thousand kilometers.

Unfortunately, no single author bother to mention an official source so people can fact check the story, “well, not important!”


The picture with the UFO is not a UFO but a simulation of a meteor impact. This CGI was used during the Brasilia Planetarium presentation in 2013. This is also debunked in 2014 by the respected Youtuber Dazzathecameraman.

The publication date of the so-called UFO photo is the oldest publication on the internet. This means that all UFO publications should have been using that website as reference but that is intentionally left out because that would ruin the story.


Fake, the UFO image is actually a meteor explosion simulation. The moment you click the Tweet button at the top of the fake news article, a vague Twitter username will be included named @sucoltech, this is about an inactive blank Twitter account.