It is 2015 and in the meantime we are fortunately all aware of the fact that soda is not really healthy now. That said, you are probably not fully aware of the side effects that soda has on our bodies and how we destroy our bodies literally with it. The advice to stop drinking your favorite water with sugar is old news, but recent scientific discoveries regarding soft drinks are certainly not.

Indeed, if you regularly drink a Coke, then the chance that you will hold an open house for quite a few deadly diseases – diseases that in a very young age can help have bitten the dust.

Most of the fuss has arisen over the sugar that’s in it, but that’s by far not all that bad to soda. Sugar-free soft drinks are just as bad.

1. Soda causes weight gain in all the wrong places

If you consume excess amounts of sugars in the form of soft drink then there is a high probability that this will lead to excess fat in your body. And I’m not talking about the “sexy” women like Beyoncé have fat on the hips, thighs and butt (also called subcutaneous fat).

I’m talking about visceral fat. This is the type of fat that accumulates around your vital organs such as your liver, kidneys and stomach, and which is linked to type 2 diabetes and other scary diseases.

Indeed, a recent study has found that regular drinking soda causes the fat around the liver and skeleton increases by as much as 100%. Which can lead to serious disorders of the liver.

The most prominent visual indication of visceral fat is an excellent belly. So if you start to notice that your tummy starts stabbing farther forward, then you should go URGENT watch the amount of sugar you consume.

Not sure if this is the case? You notice usually pretty quick when you can’t zip your pants.

Light Soda drinkers are not immune. A study by the University of Texas has found that people who drank diet soda over a period of 10 years, the waist 70 per cent had increased compared to people who did not drink soda.

2. Soda does not make that you feel full

The sugar found in soda consists of roughly 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. If we consume without fibers, then our brain can not detect fructose, allowing the inclusion of these calories is not regulated by our body.

This does not mean that your body does not experience the adverse effects of the intake of these calories – it just means that you do not feel full afterwards.

This is dangerous because, in addition to your normal diet, ingest more calories while you do not feel it. A glass of soda or two goes always after a big meal.

3. Soda makes you look old faster

All products on the market that give focus on the prevention of wrinkles that people are not happy with the speed at which they start to look older. Well, then keep drinking especially delicious soda, it accelerates aging even more.

All soft drinks – even the light varieties – contain phosphoric acid. This ensures that they stay longer shelf-life by protecting the soft drink from fungus and bacteria.

If that’s not exciting enough for you, then here a study published by the FASEB Journal, which has tested the mice go with high phosphate levels on average five weeks earlier death than mice with normal phosphate levels.

It’s not just your organs that benefit from stopping drinking soda. You also will age less. Additionally you get a nicer skin.

4. Drinking soda can lead to insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the gateway to the metabolic syndrome. This I describe as a group of risk factors (such as high blood pressure and excess fat around the waist) associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The main role of insulin in our body is to send glucose from the bloodstream to the good cells. When you consume too much sugar in the form of soft drinks, you bombard basically your body with a composition that causes your pancreas becoming more and more to produce insulin.

This leads to insulin resistance, something you’d rather not bother to have in your life. As this plays a major role in the development of various diseases.

5. Soft drinks contribute to cardiovascular disease

More and more people these days suffer from cardiovascular disease at a younger age. Where’d this come from do you think? Soda, among others!

The complications that cardiovascular disease entail consist of heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and cardiac arrest. You can live for years, and even survive a number of heart attacks, but eventually gets you to grab and go down.

It is recommended that no more than 6 tablespoons of sugar a day to get inside. To put this into perspective, one can of soda contains almost 8.75 tablespoons sugar. Much more than the recommended amount. And while this is probably not even the only sugar that you ingest in a day.

6. Soft drinks are linked to Alzheimer

Alzheimer is already quite a long time seen as a hereditary disease which we have no control over.

It is true that we unfortunately still have no drugs that help fight this terrible disease, but more and more evidence does suggest that there are ways to prevent its development.

Insulin resistance is now so closely linked to Alzheimer’s disease within the medical spheres often described as type 3 diabetes.

Furthermore, there is a Japanese study, who claims that people with type 2 diabetes more than 2x as much chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

Are you willing to lose your sense of what soda?

7. Light Soft drinks are associated with serious brain disorders

The artificial sweetener called aspartame is an ingredient in virtually all sugar-free soft drinks and is strongly associated with several serious brain disorders. Including stroke (TIA), multiple sclerosis (MS), and brain tumors.

Patients with epilepsy are often advised not to drink diet sodas by their doctor. If you do not suffer from epilepsy chances are slim you are going to get an attack by drinking soda, but I think it’s a scary given that substances can cause this kind of attack this!

The claim related to brain tumors, there is no hard evidence, but there are studies that link it together.

8. The dyes in some soft drinks contain chemicals that provide cancer

If you are a fan of Coke (of any brand), I recommend you to put down and you can even listen to me …

The brown, caramel-like color of cola contains two chemicals that are used in animals for sure they get cancer. Namely, 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole.

These substances are used purely so his cola “beautiful” get a tan. It affects the taste totally. Would not you prefer to be alone like this fabric and ‘healthier’ drink cola with a different color?

In 2011 the state of California has ordered to be placed a warning label on products with high levels of 4-methylimidazole before they can be sold.

Since then, Coca-Cola and Pepsi claim that they have taken this ingredient out, but studies show that there is still unsafe levels of this material are in the cola.

9. The sugar in soft drinks can be addictive

Sugar ensures that we produce dopamine, a chemical in our brains that makes us feel good. This is exactly what cocaine does. This is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to stop consuming sugar, even though we know that it is bad for us.

Have you ever wanted crammed with sugar while you are actually was already full? I do. You also fixed.

Then you get an hour or two after the sugar high is also still suffering from a slump. Is very similar to the effect of drugs …

10. Soda is very bad for your teeth

We know this, of course, all be all. Our dentist tells us from an early age to the effects of drinking soda on your teeth.

Remember when phosphoric we talked about earlier? This stuff is also a nightmare for your teeth.

This acid creates rotting teeth, cavities and gum disease. And remember well, this stuff is also in diet sodas. For those who still want to keep drinking per se soda.

A study published by dentists claim that the oral damage caused is as bad by prolonged use soda as the damage caused by drugs. Sometimes even worse.

11. Some drinks contain highly toxic flame retardants

Flame retardants you find in products you do not want to set fire. Such as your bank or your bedding. I bet you just did not know (mostly) soft drinks with lemon flavor in the form of flame retardants contain brominated vegetable oil.

This oil is used as an ingredient in carbonated beverages in order to ensure that the flavor is preserved. This oil provides amnesia and nervous disorders.

As a result, this oil is banned from soft drinks in Europe and Japan, but here in America it is still included.

In 2014 both Pepsi and Coca-Cola said that they have the oil extracted from their products, but there are other brands that still using it.

12. Soft drink cans have a layer of resin on the inside which is linked to infertility

Perhaps you have heard of bisphenol A epoxy resin, known as BPA. Cans often contain a layer of this stuff which serves as a barrier between the metal and the drink. BPA is a synthetic form of estrogen which is linked to diabetes, infertility, and cancer.

Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have indicated their willingness to work on cans without containing BPA, but there have not yet fully committed to. My advice? Just stay away from those dirty soda.

13. The side effects of genetically modified corn are unknown

Most soft drinks contain high amounts of fructose syrup because this type of sugar is much cheaper than cane sugar.

Such refined sugars are bad for your body, it can not cope with it. Again, because it contains no fiber.

There are also studies about the negative effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Maize of which the fructose syrup is made for the most part also genetically engineered to ensure that pests will not harm the plant. All scary things, I prefer to minimize to come into contact with it.

14. Soda has ZERO useful nutrients

The last reason to give up soda is the simple fact that it contains ZERO useful nutrients.

It’s a can with only calories, just be bad for your body. Even a pizza or a burger from McDonald’s contains at least nutrients. A good way to stay healthy is to constantly reflect on what you eat and you wonder whether useful nutrients.

If there is nothing useful in it, why still consuming it?

So how do you get rid of your soda addiction

Unfortunately, there may be a lot of scary things happen in the world something like soda, but even if you know this, it is still difficult to stop drinking it. That sugar is addictive!

Here are some suggestions on techniques that you can use to get rid of your soda addiction. Because that’s probably just, even if you do not think.

Do not stop at once. If you drink more than one can of soda per day then it is not wise to immediately stop drinking it. This is almost impossible(like smoking). Initially reduce to 50% you drink now, and reduce the use gradually over a period of, for example four weeks.

Change your routine. Do you walk in the morning to stand the fridge full of soda? Move to a place where you come less often. If you do necessarily want something refreshing, then put the soda in a less conspicuous place than in your refrigerator.

Keep using your eyes. Do you know exactly how many cans you drink a day? If not, monitor it. So you at least know whether you actually drink too much soda (everything too much, is not good). This way you can also find out what times of the day you drink soda. Some people pick up after, for example stressful moments one can of soda, to come to rest. Just as smokers do.

Set a goal. Choose one day when you are going to drink anything from sodas and stick to it. Extend this then out to several days in the week.

Reality check: soft drinks contains ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It tastes just fine, that’s it. Drinking it has for the rest only bad effects on your body.

Soda drink is useless!

Do yourself a favor and use the above techniques to get rid of your soda addiction. Make people around you aware how bad soda really is by sharing this article on your favorite social network.