Home News Mysterious 14 Mile Long Structure Buried In Antarctica???

Mysterious 14 Mile Long Structure Buried In Antarctica???

Mysterious 14 Mile Long Structure Buried In Antarctica???

On Google Earth you can find a mysterious structure below the surface of Antarctica. Internet users are puzzled, reports Wowforreeel.

According to some research, it is a secret station, while others claim that there is a UFO  located under the ice. YouTube user Wowforreel has put images of the structure on the internet.

“You can not miss this mass, even from space”, he said. The white area is 23 kilometers long and seven kilometers wide. “I have scoured the continent and have nothing found what looked like this”, he continued.

“At first I thought it was some place that was unrecognizable, but that does not seem to be the case.” He wonders whether it might be a research station or a giant UFO that buried under the ice.

The video was posted in 2012, but still people wonder what it could be. Julie Haines said: “It looks like a trail runs behind the rectangular forms. As if it was dragged. ”

David Darby added: “You’re right. On the left is a trail of 177 kilometers long “Bret Hines wrote.” After two years, it is still there. They keep something hidden. “.

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Google Earth coordinates:-70.177653, 87.824707


Google Earth coordinates: 80°34’8.40″S, 30° 5’19.30″W

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