10th holistic doctor found dead

Drug Makers hope I get hit by a bus


Osteopath Mary Rene Bovier from Pennsylvania was on August 14 found dead with a stab wound. Police have heard a good friend of Dr. Bovier, but no arrests have yet been made.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was the first ‘alternative’ doctor who was found dead this summer. Journalist Erin Elizabeth had an exclusive interview with his family, which has hired private investigators to get to the bottom. Bradstreet was very passionate about his work.

Some patients have Erin tells how Dr. Bradstreet has helped them. He was known for his research into and treatment with the protein GcMAF. A few days before his death, a raid was done in his clinic, but contrary to what is claimed on the internet no GcMAF was found in the clinic.

What is GcMAF?

It is a human protein and it empowers your body to cure itself

The seventh doctor who was found dead, dr. Nicholas Gonzales, he became known for curing actress Suzanne Somers from breast cancer. He treated the disease in a holistic manner. In an interview with Vitality Magazine Dr. Gonzales said:”They’ve told me that drug makers are aware of my work, they hope that I get hit by a bus.”

It is striking that Gonzales during his last interview, which will be released soon, at least five times jokingly said he could end up sometimes under a bus because of his research. Shortly after that interview he died. The cause of death is unknown. Do you think that there s more going on? Share this article.